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DGM’s Tour 2023 Schedule and What Is New This Year!
At DGM we are constantly looking at ways to make the tour a better experience for everyone.
We are celebrating our 15th consecutive tour that has held between 14-26 tournaments a year. This has been a journey that I never dreamed possible, and I want to thank all of you who have supported DGM over the years. As a celebration of 15 years we've decided to add a couple of new features that will add some fun and more incentives to be a part of the tour events.
The first addition will be a Roll Over Ace Pot. We will no longer throw off for the Ace Pot at the end of the event as in the past. We will now simply roll what is in the pot into the next event. We will still give 1/2 to the charity if the event is tied to a charity, but if not all will be put into the roll over Ace pot. If and when the pot reaches $500 it will be capped there and a reserve Ace Pot will be started. If we were to reach two $500 Ace Pots we will then bump the first Ace pot to $750 and continue to build the reserve back up to $500 and so on.
The 2nd and largest feature we are adding is the DGM Tour Point Series. I want to start by thanking Scott Elam for coming up with a program that will track player’s points throughout the year. Also, I want to thank Kevin Carder who will be working closely with Scott on monitoring and tracking this series. You guys are incredible. Thanks so much.
This year's tour will be broken up into four regions (* denotes Major):
Bear Hollow
Presidential Cup
Lucky 13
Disc'n For Cheetahs
Breaking Chains
Route 66
Dale Roberts Memorial*
Lebanon Ice Bowl
Hannah Hills
Dragon Ridge Open
Jared Hilton Memorial*
North Ark Open*
Lost Woods Open
Ozarks Dam Open
Hallowed Trails
Glory Days
Monkey Trap Open
Little Big Show
Four States Open*
(There will be events added to the above when the tour Finale, Encore, and any other events are determined)
To qualify for the points series, a player must compete in at least one tournament from three of the four regions. The top 12 scores will be recorded for each player. If a player competes in more than 12 tournaments, the 12 best finishes will be used in the calculation. There will be four divisions: Pro, Advanced, Amateur, and women. The top three in all divisions will receive awards with the Tour Champions in each division winning a large prize (a basket, for example). We have pictured a table that shows how points will be awarded.
As the year progresses, we will obviously find things we like and don't like about this format. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work out any kinks in this new feature.
There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Disc Golf. We are excited to see all the new and fun things that the 2023 season has in store for us. Remember the first event is only a week away (The Bear Hollow Ice Bowl in Ava sponsored by: Patriots Gold & Silver). You can register here:
See you all soon on the course, and good luck on your quest to be crowned the Disc Golf Monkey Tour Champion!